[Infra] Network home directories

Michael Halstead

Moving files between builders requires copying them to localhost and
back (slow) or forwarding your ssh-agent around (poor security).
Different amounts of free local storage mean pokybuild has different
size constraints on different builders which isn't helpful.

Beth and I propose that we mount user home directories from the NAS on
the autobuilder stack so that user files are shared across the build
infrastructure. We will keep a copy of bare home directories with ssh
keys on the filesystem below the network mount so that logins will
continue to function even during a NAS outage.

Setting this up requires moving user home directories from /srv and
consolidating the data. This wouldn't interrupt the builders but would
keep some users from logging in for several minutes.

What we gain:
This offers the benefit of shared files across the builders as well as
keeping the local disk free for poky builds. It allows easy tear-down
and rebuilding of slave hosts because unique data is separated from
local storage.

Does this break anyone's existing workflow? Any other concerns?

Michael Halstead
Yocto Project / Sys Admin

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