Re: How is the list in package.manifest derived?

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Thanks for your response, Beth. I am using the default: RPM.


On Tue, May 15, 2012 at 3:53 PM, Flanagan, Elizabeth <elizabeth.flanagan@...> wrote:
On Tue, May 15, 2012 at 3:38 PM, Rudolf Streif <rudolf.streif@...> wrote:
> I used poky-denzil-7.0 to build a core-image-minimal for the BeagleBoard.
> Now I am looking for a list of everything that went into my image together
> with the license information. The logical thing seems to be
> ${TMPDIR}/deploy/licenses/core-image-minimal-beagleboard-<timestamp>/package.manifest:
> base-files
> base-passwd
> bash
> busybox
> busybox-syslog
> busybox-udhcpc
> initscripts
> libc6
> libgcc1
> libtinfo5
> libusb-1.0-0
> libusb-compat
> modutils-initscripts
> ncurses-terminfo-base
> netbase
> pciutils-ids
> sysvinit
> sysvinit-inittab
> sysvinit-pidof
> task-core-boot
> tinylogin
> udev
> udev-extraconf
> udev-utils
> update-alternatives-cworth
> update-rc.d
> usbutils-ids
> However, I don't think this is everything that went into the image. I would
> expect the kernel to be in the list as well as module-init-tools and u-boot.
> Apparently package.manifest and the corresponding license.manifest for an
> image target do not contain all the licensing information that a device
> builder would need to give to the end customer. How is that list created?

This list is created via license_create_manifest within
license.bbclass. I'm currently in the process of refactoring it quite
a bit so I'll look out for this issue.

It derives the list from list_installed_packages. Which means that
there may be an issue with that function. The way I'm planning on
doing it does not use list_installed_packages, however I'm going to
open a bug on it to verify that it is in fact returning an incomplete

What would be helpful here is knowing what package type you're using.


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