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Koen Kooi <koen@...>

Apologies for the massive cross-post, but most users don't read the development lists :) To avoid 'reply all' mistakes the addressed lists are in BCC. In case you are wondering which lists: the beagleboard list, the meta-ti list and the yocto project list.

A minor update to the below: the test server will be down for a short time wednesday to upgrade the RAM.

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Van: Koen Kooi <koen@...>
Onderwerp: Narcissus update <- IMPORTANT
Datum: 3 mei 2012 11:49:56 GMT+02:00
Aan: Discussion of the angstrom distribution development <angstrom-distro-devel@...>


With the change to an oe-core based system a lot of things changed and angstrom itself has gone through some changes as well. One of those changes is that some packages were renamed or deprecated.
To keep narcissus working the decision was made to remove all machines and trim the package lists.

The new machine list matches the autobuilder: qemuarm, qemumips, qemuppc, qemux86, beagleboard and beagleboard. That matches the machines supported in OE-core and the ones I get paid to support for my day job.

The branch:
Test setup:

The process to add machines is fairly simple:

1) Find the layer for the machine in
2) Check the setup scripts to see if it's already configured
3) Send patch for setupscripts
4) Send patch for narcissus

The process for packages is pretty much the same. The will need review since not every layer plays nice with others. I'm hoping that this process will be easy enough for people to follow while preventing non-working combinations to get added.

As always, feedback appreciated.



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