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Christophe Aeschlimann <c.aeschlimann@...>


On 21.12.2010 20:01, Stewart, David C wrote:
Hello Yocto Project –

I was asked yesterday what kinds of things we might do to improve the
project website, – I have a few opinions on
the subject, but I thought I would put the question to you.

Where can we do better? What kinds of frustrations did you have with the
site when you first got involved with the project? How could it improve
the experience of people becoming familiar with the project?
I've just started looking at Yocto, but I have been following
OpenEmbedded progress for two years now. So I don't have any comment yet
on the yoctoproject website content but I noticed that :

Leads to a broken, default, mailman page. Maybe this can be fixed ?

If you want to use this email thread, that would be great. Or if you
prefer to file issues in, that would be great too.


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