Re: Upcoming releases around the Yocto 1.0 release date

Olivier Dole <odole@...>


I have found the following info about Mandriva release plan:

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On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 6:59 PM, Flanagan, Elizabeth <elizabeth.flanagan@...> wrote:
I've compiled a list (based on the calendar and my research) of upcoming releases prior to and immediately after Yocto v1.0. These may be OS versions we should plan on being able to support. I was not able to find info on release dates for Debian sneezy, Mandravia or Slackware, so if anyone has that info, I'd appreciate it so we can fill in the blanks.



November 2nd
Fedora 14: Final

March 1st
Fedora 15 Alpha

Mar 10 2011
openSUSE 11.4

April 5th
Fedora 15 Beta

April 28th
Ubuntu 11.04

May 10th
Fedora 15 Final
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