Re: Building a Qt4-x11 app.

Eric Bénard <eric@...>

Le Sun, 29 Apr 2012 21:16:44 +0800,
Daniel Toussaint <daniel@...> a écrit :

I wish to run an application developed with QT in a Yocto filesystem.
The app should be linked against Qt4-X11 libs. What is the exact work
flow to get my app cross compiled on my x86_64 host ?
So far I have :
-> Build a complete core-image-sato with IPKG as a packaging system.
-> Build qt4-x11-free
-> Build qt4-tools-nativesdk

Now, I got something called qmake2 in the build directory
(sysroot-x86_64) , but it complains about not finding the right qmake
I got the feeling I am doing something fundamentally wrong with my
setup, can anyone enlighten me ?
simply write a recipe for your app and let the build system build
your application.

The recipe can be quite simple if your app doesn't depends on other
libs than qt4 :

DESCRIPTION = "Application QT4-X11"
SECTION = "Apps"
LICENSE = "yourlicense"
LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://youlicense;md5=yourmd5"

inherit qt4x11

SRC_URI = "file://application.tar.bz2"
# or directly download it from a VCS

# may be necessary :

do_install() {
oe_runmake install INSTALL_ROOT=${D}


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