rebuilds -- when to do what??

Jim Abernathy

Over the past 6 months, I've learned a lot about what I should do to work with Yocto successfully, However, the area of biggest confusion for me is what to do when I want to rebuild something.

I generally work from Master repository and when I see significant changes while doing git pull, I try to rebuild one of my projects. I've tried a lot of the methods:

1. just bitbake again.
2. bitbake -c cleanall or -c cleansstate core-image-sato
3. If I know a recipe has changed, I'll bitbake -c cleansstate "recipe name"

Most of the time something fails. Researching what, is an impossibility to me and much quicker to just delete the build directory and redo it.

Is there a good "how to" rebuild? Or is it the best use of time to just tell users to blow away the build dir. and restart, saving the old local.conf and bblayer.conf?

Jim A

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