Yocto LTP wiki page

Tian, Kevin <kevin.tian@...>

Hi, all,

I just create a new wiki page to track LTP status for Yocto Project:


Embedded Linux distribution is unlike a typical desktop Linux, because it's normally
customized for specific purpose and thus not all packages required by normal Linux
test suites (LTP/POSIX/LSB) are included in a specific profile.

Given that, the major purpose of this wiki page is for tracking and reference. For
one we want to track the ongoing trend in each Yocto release/milestone, and fix
regressions in time. In the meantime, we also want to understand what a failure
implicates. Is it simply come from the fact of customization, or from some problems
in installed packages? For the former we want to document them, and for the latter
we'd like to fix them.

I tried to make the page simple, as there could be many combinations to show
the data (milestones, machines, error types, etc.). Now it's still experimental and
under development. So far I use qemux86 result from the 12/11 nightly result
as the example based on SDK profile. Later when our QA team finish the M2 test,
we'll update this page to reflect latest milestone information.


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