Re: [PATCH 0/1] bug#565: adding environment files

Lu, Lianhao <>

Hi Saul,

I've fixed and resubmitted the patch. Sorry for not following the patch submission convention.

Best Regards,

Saul Wold wrote on 2010-12-14:
On 12/13/2010 04:07 AM, Lianhao Lu wrote:
I rebased the previous patch of adding package of environment files
to be compatible with the new cross-canadian.bbclass

This may require Richard to look at a little more closely, I do notice
that you are missing the LIC_FILES_CHKSUM, for this on you can use one
similar to recipes-core/tasks/

The first line of the commit message synopsis needs to be more
descriptive, and the bug id needs to be in the commit message so that
we can parse it out later.

Synopsis is normally
<recipe | file> : Synopsis

meta-environment: Added package of meta-environment-${TARGET_ARCH} for
environment files.

In the body of the commit message you can add the bug id according to
this format:

[BUGID# NNN], where NNN is the bugid

Please fix these issues and resubmit, also you should use the
poky@... for bug submissions.


Pull URL: git://
Branch: llu/bug565

Lianhao Lu<>

Lianhao Lu (1):
Fix bug #565.
meta/classes/toolchain-scripts.bbclass | 32 ++++++++++
meta/recipes-core/meta/ | 74
meta/recipes-core/tasks/ | 1 + 3 files
changed, 107 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-) create mode 100644
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yocto mailing list
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