quick update about LTP failures

Tian, Kevin <kevin.tian@...>

Hi, all,

I start looking into our LTP failures now and get some cursory picture.
( http://bugzilla.pokylinux.org/show_bug.cgi?id=169 )

I tried qemux86 sato image from latest M2 build, and there're in total 40 failures. Compared
to previous 0.9-M3 result, the number reduces slightly (some failures are OK but other new
failures pop up)

Most failures (around 3/4) are obviously poky related, e.g:

- no /var/log/messages: sysctl01, sysctl02, ... sysctl10
- useradd/userdel not found: cron, su01, cron02, cron_deny01, ...
- use busybox: ar, file, tar, cpio, ...
- no gcc: ld, ldd, nm

It looks like poky-image-lsb more appropriate here given that it includes more full-functional
packages to satisfy LTP test case requirement. I'll try lsb image later to see what will be
changed. On the other hand, lsb image may not be suitable for real boards like emenlow,
netbook, etc. since there's no gfx support in lsb profile so far.

Since embedded Linux is not like a typical desktop/server linux, I think finally we may leave
some failures there as long as we understand the reasons coming from the customization
purpose. It all depends on how the profile is constructed.

Does above direction sound OK?

I plan to setup a tracking page on wiki for existing LTP/POSIX failures, instead of tracking
by current bug entry. Then we could put all the investigation results there for further
reference in the future.


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