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Coud summarize the discussion about this during bspfest, collab and the AB
meeting please?
Evidently I created a firestorm of controversy with my previous stupid questions on this topic. At the risk of doing so again, will soldier on. Official minutes coming from Shane/Jefro in coming days.

I think we're all in agreement with the intent of the Yocto Project - to minimize or eliminate the redundant effort required currently in embedded Linux. This is why we have people slaving away to QA our release bits and fix bugs, for example.

With that intent clear, we're still trying to work out which parts of the projects are intended to be upstreams and which are there just as examples. There is some additional clarity we need in order to make this really clear, and I think RP took the action to work on this. (Some of the lack of clarity is that there are still a lot of things called "poky" and go by fancy video game character names, which might need to change).

In the AB meeting, we spent time talking about the use of the Yocto Project (tm) logo and brand. We agreed to create a straw man spreadsheet of requirements for this and will discuss over the next month. The analogy here is to the CGL requirements form, only I'm hoping it's closer to maybe a dozen lines to fill in rather than 200. :-)




Op 30 mrt. 2012, om 21:00 heeft Osier-mixon, Jeffrey het volgende

As I understand it - Poky is sort of a "reference distro" for the Yocto system.
I think Angstrom would be an excellent addition as an alternative, and I'd be
happy to do anything needed on the community side to help.

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RP said I should raise this on the yocto lists, so here it is:

The Angstrom core team would like to move angstrom under the yocto
banner so we can formally claim to be 'yocto'.

What is the process to make that happen? I suspect OSVs will need to know
as well, since lately yocto is being defined as 'poky + 1 bsp layer' which makes
it impossible to provide any added value if you want to keep calling it 'yocto' to
your customers.


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