Re: [RFC][yocto][meta-lts-mixins][kirkstone/go] Backport golang from master to kirkstone

Adrian Freihofer

Hi Alex, hi José

The meta-lts-mixin layers for dunfell have a major disadvantage:
Replacing the go tool-chain breaks more or less all recipes from meta-
virtualization and potentially other layers.

I think with go it should be possible to have a meta-lts-mixin layer
which adds support for additional go versions instead of overriding the
version provided by poky. That would potentially allow to use poky on
the kirkstone branch and meta-virtualization on a newer branch on the
long run.

Would it be possible to add e.g. a copy of the go.bbclass as well as
the go recipes from a recent poky version in a way it does not override
the go stack provided by poky?
As an example: Would it be possible to add a go1-19.bbclass to the
meta-meta-lts-mixin layer? This would allow to add also a newer Docker
recipe which inherits go1-19 instead of just go to the meta-lts-mixin
layers without breaking anything from poky or meta-virtualization.

I already tried to share my thoughts here:

Best regards,

On Thu, 2023-03-30 at 12:08 +0200, Alexander Kanavin wrote:
I think I pushed the work directly to the respecitve branches in
meta-lts-mixins. I'd suggest you send the patches here, and we'll
out the technicalities (I can publish the branch on, or maybe you'll be able to push directly as
well, provided you also send the patches here). There's no
testing; for mixin items the contributors are trusted :)


On Thu, 30 Mar 2023 at 11:20, Jose Quaresma <quaresma.jose@...>


The golang version in kirkstone is the 1.17 and because of this is
not possible to use some recent version of other projects like
docker that requires a more recent version of the language.

I have a kirkstone branch [1] available at with the
golang backported from the oe-core master that I liked to submit to
the meta-lts-mixins [2].
Alex is the maintainer of the dunfell golang backport and this
kirkstone branch is based on that version.

Would that be interesting for the project? How should I proceed?



Best regards,

José Quaresma

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