Re: How to use mirror to download linux-yocto?

Alexander Kanavin

When the slow download is happening, can you please check (e.g. from a process listing), which server specifically is being accessed and with which command? Just to be sure where the problem is.


On Fri 17. Mar 2023 at 15.08, Bo YU <tsu.yubo@...> wrote:

I hope the mail list is the right place to ask the simple question about yocto.

I am using meta-riscv[0] to build riscv32 qemu.
And after `$(MACHINE=qemuriscv32 bitbake core-image-full-cmdline)`
Everything is downloaded well but linux-yocto:
0: linux-yocto-6.1.14+gitAUTOINC+e8d08fc4c0_b05ca3429c-r0 do_fetch -
12h26m11s (pid 4110422)  28% |#######                    | 2.00 KiB/s
I tried many time but nothing change.

There is one mirror[1] I can use under my network condition.
So I want to know what is right way to alter URI in

I googled one article to suggest use Insteadof in .gitconfig[2], is it ok?

Many thanks for your help.



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