Re: State of Yocto styleguide and script

Alexander Kanavin

There is not a lot of interest in maintaining style guides, and
associated tooling. My personal feeling is that they don't really help
with the truly problematic things in recipes that need a human eye (or
chatgpt level intelligence :) - by and large people do follow
reasonable order of entries for example, and nitpicking on an exact
order would just be wasting precious maintainer time.

If you want to ensure good quality, making your layer pass the yocto
compatibility script, and ensuring there are no warnings of any kind
from bitbake when built with latest master revisions of everything is
a better first step in my opinion.


On Mon, 13 Mar 2023 at 15:20, VIVAVIS AG via
<> wrote:


I'm wondering whether the styleguide,
meta-openembedded/contrib/ or none of them is the source of
truth for writing a good recipe.

E.g., if you run, the SRCREV variable is placed above SRC_URI,
or RDEPENDS is placed above FILES, which is not what the Wiki documents.
And there are more discrepancies of this type.

Furthermore, the script doesn't know the FILESEXTRAPATHS variable in bbappend files
and moves it to the end of my recipe. Well, this is not decribed in the Wiki, but a look
into append files in meta-openembedded shows, that it is common pactice to put
FILESEXTRAPATHS in the first line of the recipe.

The Wiki has an interesting note and the end: "You can run contrib/ from
meta-oe on your recipes before submitting them; however it is not necessarily up-to-date
with all current style conventions. This page should be considered the canonical reference."

Furthermore, there's
providing another ruleset for the new linter.

So, my question to the Yocto maintainers is, what is the current state of the styleguide
and Are there plans to synchronize them?

Thanks for clarification.

Carsten Stelling

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