Re: AlmaLinux 8.5 support in Langdale

Alexander Kanavin

Note that the list of supported host distros is set only for the poky
reference distro with a weak assignment, and not for oe-core or yocto
as a whole. If you do your own tests, and they don't show issues, you
can mark any distro as compatible, or install buildtools tarball to
insulate your build from problematic host tools (such as native gcc

AlmaLinux in particular is a spinoff of RHEL and thus extremely
conservative within the same major version.


On Mon, 20 Feb 2023 at 12:58, Chaplin, Kris via
<> wrote:


I'm working with our team to test supported development OS for our
AMD/Xilinx PetaLinux distribution built on top of Langdale. The official
supported Linux distributions are Ubuntu, Fedora, AlmaLinux, Debian and
OpenSUSE, so we regtest our flow on each of these prior to advertising

However, the supported version of AlmaLinux for Langdale is 8.5, and
this is not available for download any more
( The earliest version is 8.6,
with 8.7 being most current. The 8.5 isos are stripped from the
mirrors, so url-games dont work here either.

What is the recommended verison of AlmaLinux to test against Langdale?
Is there a plan to update the Yocto release notes to reflect this?

Many thanks

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