Re: ERROR: No recipes available for:

Quentin Schulz

Hi Murali,

On 2/17/23 06:59, Murali Krishna wrote:
Time: 0:00:00Loaded 3775 entries from dependency cache.ERROR: No recipes
available for:
bbappends are appending content to already existing recipes. There are two possible issues, for chromium_%.bbappend, no chromium recipe is found in the included layers, make sure the layer with chromium recipe is added with bitbake-layers add-layer.

For bbappends for version specific recipes, e.g. u-boot-fw-utils_2017.01.bbappend either u-boot-fw-utils recipe does not exist anymore, the layer containing it is not included in your build or the recipe does exist and the layer is included but the recipe is of a different version (e.g. 2019.07 or something like that).

I know u-boot-fw-utils has been renamed to libubootenv in some versions (don't remember if it was already the case in dunfell though).

But it is likely just a mismatch of the recipe version upon which the bbappend would be applied.

The fix is to find the new name of the recipe, update the bbappend to apply to the correct recipe version by changing its filename and/or add the necessary layers.


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