Re: Importance of ECC RAM on the build computer

Alexander Kanavin

On the other hand, I'm yet to hear an actual case of a broken build
due to non-ECC. It's not impossible, but it seems exceedingly rare.
You're far more likely to spend 100x as much time on logical errors or
out-of-resources problems.


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Is there generally suggested advice regarding the importance of ECC on the build computer? I'm very new to Yocto so I'm not sure if there is a chance the final build image could experience some corruption due to flipped bits in RAM or if I'm totally overthinking this.

Last time I checked. The ECC vs non-ECC price difference was not worth the time you may spend in case of a RAM bitflip.
Here, we put ECC RAM in our build systems and I guess it's quite the industry standard.

It is also possible that Yocto does some kind of CRC checking of its own that makes this a non-issue. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you!

Yocto does source integrity checks (the stuff it downloads from the internet) but it can't do much more after that.

I've yet to debug a RAM bitflip but I guess it may trigger any kind of weird behavior which may be hard to debug and time consuming.

My advice is : keep your time and sanity, use ECC RAM.

Yoann Congal
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