Re: Ask for new plan of yocto

Alexander Kanavin

On Wed, 1 Feb 2023 at 23:50, wangmy <wangmy@...> wrote:
I want to know about the development plan (plan/schedule) of yocto.
However, only the relevant content before version 3.1 is recorded on the wiki.
If I want to know the latest development plan, could you tell me where should I get information from?
The schedule for upcoming releases is recorded here:

There is no development plan as such (in the sense of a promise to
implement new features and timelines to get them done), as any such
feature plan needs resource (e.g. people with time) to execute it, and
the project does not have that. If you feel there's something
important that should be done, you need to make a proposal that
includes appropriate resourcing.

RP has recently wrote a longer article about the situation, that you
should read, and ideally, show to your superiors at Fujitsu:


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