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Khem Raj

On Thu, Feb 2, 2023 at 12:51 AM Nikita Gupta <nikitagupta2509@...> wrote:

Hello List,

I am making kernel yocto image for imx8mplus. But according to my project requirement i need different audio driver rather then default which comes with this linux image. I am able to see many drivers in following path:


C code of desired driver is present in this. So i want to integrate this driver in my kernel image so what is the procedure or how can i know that this particular driver has added in my upcoming yocto image before baking filnal image through bitbake.
I also want to know that how can we know that which drivers are included before bitbake.

Question: How can i integrate desired driver in imx8-image?
You can add a kernel config fragment disabling/enabling needed drivers
during build and you can either build them into kernel proper or as
kernel modules. If you build them as kmods then you have to add it to
your image via IMAGE_INSTALL
the kernel modules will be individual rpm/ipks generated after kernel
build name is prefixed with kernel-module-<name>

Thanks in advance
Nikita Gupta

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