Quentin Schulz

Hi Matt,

On 1/20/23 14:23, mattwood2000@... wrote:
Hi Quentin,
I work with many different hardware platforms and architectures. I keep my
SSTATE cache on a NAS drive and I was hoping to set up a site.conf that
would organize the full build SSTATE cache by architecture. It sounds
like this isn't exactly possible.
Except because of a personal preference of having things spatially separated, it doesn't make much sense to me. When you're building for multiple machines, some sstate-cache is shared. Such is the case of native recipes, but also some target architecture-specific recipes (e.g. something that is built for cortex-a55 cpu, will be reused for all machines based on this cpu). So it actually makes a lot of sense to share as much as possible between all your machines so that your builds are faster, feeding from other machines' builds, and you even save some space on your NAS.

I tried it and the SSTATE directory is still created in the default
location in the build directory instead of on my mount point. I guess this
is the native SSTATE you are referring to.
You could have a .conf file specific to each machine and use it. Or also have this SSTATE_DIR variable directly in your machine.conf file. But again, I don't think there's much benefit in doing that :/


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