Re: Release checklist

Saul Wold <saul.wold@...>

On 10/20/2010 06:07 AM, Richard Purdie wrote:
Coming up to launch there are going to be some technical things that
need to be done, I'm aiming to write these down and assign owners so we
remember them all and that they all happen:

* Remove password protection from (sub)domains [RP]
* Swap default site redirection and name for lists.* and wiki.* [RP]
* Make meta-demo public [RP]
* Remove password protection from autobuilder [ScottG]
* Upload final version of the eclipse plugin [Jessica]
* Upload final Yocto release images and tarballs [???]
This should be ScottG also.

What date and time are we going to actually do these things?



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