Issue with accessing network from a recipe

Gärding Antti



I am having an issue with a recipe whose do_configure requires network connections and I wonder if this issue could be related to Yocto so that this list would be the correct place to ask for ideas.


The problem appears when trying to build dotnet-hello-world which comes with meta-dotnet ( I am not the only one having this issue, but many people, including the layer's author, also report having no problems. Googling gives a lot of suggestions, but as this is related to .NET, all of them are related to Windows / Visual Studio environment and I don't know how to apply them using Yocto.


In short, do_configure for dotnet-hello-world invokes the .NET SDK's tool dotnet as a host tool to fetch what is needed to build and run the program. As a part of that, it uses NuGet, the package manager for .NET, which says "error NU1301: Unable to load the service index for source".


If I modify the recipe so that it tries to curl that file, I get "Could not resolve host:". If I do the same but use numeric address, I get "Couldn't connect to server".


If I run the commands in the recipe manually in the same environment I use for Yocto builds, using .NET SDK I have installed manually, they work.


My build environment is Ubuntu 20.04 run inside a Docker container.



Best regards,

Antti Gärding

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