Re: Questions about the name of qemu bin file for different archs

Bruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfield@...>

On 10-12-14 02:40 AM, Ke, Liping wrote:
Hi, Jessica

I found qemu bin file name convention is different for different archs, for example, for x86, it is bzImage-qemuXXX.
For arm, it is zImage-qemuXXX. My question is why it is bzXXX or zXXX, is there any reason of such naming convention?
The leading part of the image name is dependent
on the type of kernel we are booting.

]> grep KERNEL_IMAGETYPE qemu*
qemuarm.conf:KERNEL_IMAGETYPE = "zImage"
qemumips.conf:KERNEL_IMAGETYPE = "vmlinux"
qemumips-variant.conf:KERNEL_IMAGETYPE = "vmlinux"
qemuppc.conf:KERNEL_IMAGETYPE = "zImage"
qemux86-64.conf:KERNEL_IMAGETYPE = "bzImage"
qemux86.conf:KERNEL_IMAGETYPE = "bzImage"

And those are your differences in the name.

As for why the symlinks may not be created at times, I'm
not sure.

Or I must did name translate for each kind of arch qemu bin file?
Should be something you can script by checking the



Thanks& Regards,
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