Re: Y2038 proposal

Alexander Kanavin

On Wed, 30 Nov 2022 at 09:28, Lukasz Majewski <lukma@...> wrote:
Please find a few comments:

1. There is already provided meta-y2038 [1] to test if 32 bit systems
correctly support Y2038 problem. It uses qemu machines from OE/Yocto

2. There are ptest available [2] to validate if the Y2038 problem works

3. Support for running ptests mentioned in point 2. is already
available in the poky repository [3].
Thanks! So there should be a

d. 'glibc-tests-ptest' is executed across all architectures - probably
as a machine-specific selftest, and as well with qemu time set into
the future.

It looks like the meta-y2038 can be used out of the box (after checking
if it still works with newest poky) when added to the Yocto Project
build/test infrastructure.
Unfortunately I do not think that layer can be easily added into the
test matrix. It has its own distro and images. No, we need to maintain
a poky branch where the same tweaks and fixes happen. Besides, those
fixes would need to be merged into oe-core proper eventually anyway.


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