Re: how to specify the package version via RDEPENDS in package group #bitbake

Quentin Schulz

Hi Martin,

On 11/23/22 06:25, Martin wrote:
thanks for reply, i original method was specified the package version in local.conf by PREFEREED_VERSION.
i wondering if configure package version in package group via RDEPENDS makes it possible? but it seems impossible.
what situations allow REDPENDS to specify a version? thanks.
As far as I remember, RDEPENDS is handled by the package manager when installing the package. So I imagine this is a way to make sure that a filesystem is not built with two packages that are incompatible at runtime by failing when creating the filesystem. The choice of which version to build is a responsibility of Bitbake which happens way before RDEPENDS.

Also, chant #1 of Yocto applies:
recipe data is local, config data is global.
So you cannot impact one recipe from another, this implies you cannot pick a version of one recipe from another, you can only say whether you're compatible with it.


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