Re: #kirkstone boot script section not added in the fitimage #kirkstone

Quentin Schulz

Hi S├ębastien,

On 11/14/22 14:50, sebastien.fabre31@... wrote:
I am working on kirkstone. If UBOOT_ENV is specified and kernel-fitimage is in KERNEL_CLASSES, boot script section is not added in the fitimage.
In fitimage_assemble (kernel-fitimage.bbclass), the 3 rd step is not performed because boot directory is not in STAGING_DIR_HOST. Indeed, installs UBOOT_ENV_BINARY in boot directory but boot is not in SYSROOT_DIRS so it is not present in kernel STAGING_DIR_HOST.
Should we add the following line in ?
SYSROOT_DIRS:append = "${@' /boot' if d.getVar('UBOOT_ENV') else ''}"
The logic seems reasonable to me, yes. We could have used the deploy directory instead and depend on the do_deploy task instead of the do_populate_sysroot but I think it is actually safer to use the sysroot (because it is cleaned if a dependency changes, as opposed to the deploy directory that might be providing an old version, e.g. think one build with UBOOT_ENV set followed by one it isn't, the deployed artifact will still be present).

Though, please use += instead of :append.

I'm wondering also if we cannot just always have /boot in SYSROOT_DIRS for U-Boot recipe? I guess it's fine like this :)

Please send a patch,

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