Re: Image dependent variables/files in included recipes

Alexander Kanavin

You have to define an additional distribution I'm afraid. It can share almost everything with the existing distro, but set PREFERRED_PROVIDER differently.


On Thu, 17 Nov 2022 at 16:22, Maik Vermeulen <maik.vermeulen@...> wrote:

Depending on the image that's being built, e.g. development vs. production, we would like to be able to include different user passwords and firewall settings.

We know this can be achieved by just having two different recipes that do the same thing, but with different variables or included files. However, we were wondering if there is a neater way?

We saw this post:
which seems to do what we want, because one recipe can install recipe-development, and the other can install recipe-production, while the recipe itself can then implement what needs to happen for either.
However, other recipes included in the images can also depend on recipe, and they shouldn't depend on one specifically. They should accept that either recipe-development or recipe-production is included. Currently we see that both the generic recipe and the specific recipe used by the image are built and overwrite each other.

What would be a neat way to achieve two variants of a recipe, and having different contents and settings in them?
Or, can we solve that other included recipes depend on one of the variants, instead of on the generic one.

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