Re: undefined reference problem persists

Alexander Kanavin

On Sun, 6 Nov 2022 at 17:48, Anders Montonen <Anders.Montonen@...> wrote:
If your project doesn’t have any special requirements about not using (L)GPLv3-licensed packages, then dropping meta-gplv2 is by far the best option.
The dependency on readline comes from Networkmanager’s user interfaces (nmcli, nmtui). If you can live without them, disabling them is also an alternative.
I can imagine that meta-gpl2 was in fact added in the first place for
exactly that reason. NM is a red hat project, and red hat has no
concerns for those pesky embedded linux needs. There's no
configuration switch to disable readline specifically. I vaguely
remember that in a similar situation I disabled nmcli/tui for the
product images but kept them in developer images.

Updating readline to a gpl3 licensed version is not an option at all,
as it would result in a product that you cannot ship.


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