Re: undefined reference problem persists

Anders Montonen


On 6 Nov 2022, at 18:02, Mistyron <ron.eggler@...> wrote:

On 11/6/22 02:26, Anders Montonen wrote:
On 6 Nov 2022, at 9:45, Mistyron <ron.eggler@...> wrote:

I'm working with dunfell and want to compile and install the drivers for the Laird LWB5+ module (available from
I have included the path to the layer in meta-laird-cp-pre-3.4 in my `bblayers.conf` and since I need the networkmanager and with information from their support team (don't trust the README apparently), I've added `lrd-networkmanager-sterling` to the `IMAGE_INSTALL` list in ``. When I invoke `$ bitbake sample-image-cp-lwb5plus`, I keep getting:

    | /usr/src/debug/lrd-networkmanager-sterling/ undefined reference to `rl_echo_signal_char'

even though I've added `readline` to the `DEPENDS` list. Why is this? I expected the `rl_echo_signal_char` dependency to be resolved, any hints?
Are you using meta-gplv2? That function doesn’t exist yet in the version of readline provided by that layer.

I see, yes my project is using "meta-gplv2".

Should removal of that layer help, or would you recommend that I update the readline version within it to the latest? (and provide an upstream patch to: ?

If your project doesn’t have any special requirements about not using (L)GPLv3-licensed packages, then dropping meta-gplv2 is by far the best option.
The dependency on readline comes from Networkmanager’s user interfaces (nmcli, nmtui). If you can live without them, disabling them is also an alternative.


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