Re: Questions about the name of qemu bin file for different archs

Ke, Liping <>

What's more, I found sometimes, for example, there's no symbolic links, so the name is very long and strange.

Such as one ppc image: zImage-2.6.34+git0+d1cd5c80ee97e81e130be8c3de3965b770f320d6_0+9ac0daee43dd19d8bea828cf79450c9748ae0daa-r13-qemuppc-20101210020445.bin

Since I need to download the specific file, so a definite naming is needed such as for x86, it is bzImage-qemux86.bin, for arm, it is bzImage-qemuarm.bin,
For powerpc, it is bzImage-qemupowerpc.bin, etc.

Am I right?


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Hi, Jessica

I found qemu bin file name convention is different for different archs,
for example, for x86, it is bzImage-qemuXXX.
For arm, it is zImage-qemuXXX. My question is why it is bzXXX or zXXX,
is there any reason of such naming convention?

Or I must did name translate for each kind of arch qemu bin file?

Thanks& Regards,
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