Re: update status of M2 sprint tasks

Tom Zanussi <tom.zanussi@...>

On Mon, 2010-12-13 at 03:53 -0800, Tian, Kevin wrote:
Hi, owners,

Since M2 code frozen happened last week and now M2 test has been started, could owners
of each M2 sprint tasks update the latest status on the wiki?

As Saul sent out earlier, we only accept bug fixes on M2 branch now. So if a given task has
not been done (WIP or on track), could you either move it into M3 or fill an updated date
when current one is past?


"Distro Audit: Package Description/Summary completed", "WIP, Done by Dec 08" (Mark)
"Zypper/RPM (small writeup)", "WIP, Done by Dec 06" (Mark/Qing)
"oprofileUI", "WIP, done by Dec 10 " (Jessica)

"Distro Audit: Licence Checksums ", "WIP, done by Dec 10 " (Saul)
"Zypper/RPM (upgrade to latest version)", "Starting, done by Dec 10" (Mark/Qing)
"push of all relevant Wind River patchs to Yocto ", "WIP, on track for completion by Dec 03 " (Mark)
"Tracing: blktrace and sysprof recipes ", "sysprof by Dec 03 " (Tom)
This is done, but there's a bug (581) against blktrace that I need to
look at.

"Yocto Installer for SDK Generator Installation functions support ", "WIP, done Dec 09" (Jessica)
"Yocto Installer support for image-creator ", "WIP" (Jessica)

"Zypper/RPM (integration design)", "slipped out from sprint D" (Mark/Qing)
"Distro Audit: Upgrades Completed (Phase1)", "WIP" (Saul)
"Distro Audit: Src Checksums", "WIP, Done by Dec 9" (Saul)
"enable KVM with qemu", "on track" (Saul/Edwin)
"Performance Enhancement Completed", "on track being reviewed" (Saul/Dongxiao/Qing)
"User specified qemu config support", "on track for Dec 9" (Saul/Criping)
"SDK Version Control support in SDK generator installer", "on track" (Jessica)
"Tracing: Initial SystemTap recipe", "on track" (Tom)
BSP work not on the schedule has pushed this out - I'll be getting to it
as soon as that work's done, sometime this week...


"Documentation for swabber", "on track" (Alex)
"Defect triage process in public documented and implemented" (Saul)


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