Re: Problem with download files during CMake configure phase

Khem Raj

On Sat, Oct 8, 2022 at 12:25 PM Jan Kubalek <janmkubalek@...> wrote:


We have a C++ projects configured by CMake.

Our CMake files download some dependencies from our git by standard "git clone" command during configure phase.

If I add our project as a recipe to Yocto the git command always fails with exit code 128 (resource unavailable - no internet connection, protocol not supported etc.).

What's wrong? How Can I solve this problem? In a standard env the configure proceeds without problems.

We use
- Yocto >= 4,
- Bitbake >= 2,
- Ubuntu 20.04 as a host system

Src URI spec:

SRCREV = "<commit_id>"
SRC_URI = gitsm://<path_to_git>;protocol=ssh;nobranch=1

Thanks a lot for your advice :)
yes cmake has the downloader module which perhaps is good from
development point of view, however, with yocto where one goal is about
reproducibility its important to have
sourcecode immutable and ensure that all of it is available before
system goes ahead with building it. Therefore recently bitbake has
started disabling network access after fetching
task is finished, just so that it does not get modified under it
without notice. One approach is to use git submodules in your project
instead of doing it with cmake then use gitsm fetcher
in yocto and you have best of both worlds.


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