Re: nodejs do_compile eats all resources

Alexander Kanavin

Anything written in C++ tends to consume 1-2 Gb of ram per compiler
process. If that lands you in OOM, you probably should limit that with
PARALLEL_MAKE:pn-nodejs, but otherwise that is the sad reality of C++


On Mon, 26 Sept 2022 at 19:20, Oliver Westermann via
<> wrote:


We recently added nodejs to our images and noticed that it's do compile process is a real memory hog. Since we planned to update the recipe anyway we didn't pay much attention, but today we updated the recipe to the current version from openembedded-core (16.14.2). Still I see that it consumes nearly all resources it can get, way more than any other package in our build process (and crashing some VMs even).

On my build machine (dual Epyc, 256GB of RAM) it manages to produce nearly 100% CPU load AND eats ~90GB of RAM. Some other machines fail the build due to OOM issues.

I only observed this on the nodejs build, is there a good approach to debug this (or even a known issue)?

Best regards, Olli

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