Re: meta-swupdate integration with the custom Yocto image #dunfell

Adrian Freihofer


I guess the sw-description file must be added to the Image recipe not to

Note: There is a specific mailing list for swupdate.


Mahendra Sondagar <mahendrasondagar08@...> schrieb am So., 25. Sept. 2022, 20:01:

Thanks, Chetan for swift reply :)

However, swupdate unable to fetch the files mentioned in .bbappend file!

The error logs are attahced here

As i said in my post, I have created recipes-myswupdate in to the meta-custom file, which is parallel to meta-swupdate
All the above files distributions are inside this recipes-myswupdate file
I guess, that's the issue

From the error logs, you can see, it's tries to find the file in to the default meta-swupdate/recipes-support files rather than meta-custom/recipes-myswupdate!

Anyone else ?


Mahendra Sondagar

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