Re: Building vulkan-samples

Alexander Kanavin

vulkan-samples recipe is simply using the standard cmake installation
routine from cmake.bbclass, so all questions should be aimed to
upstream. And upstream doesn't want you to run installation at all, it
wants you to execute the samples directly from the build tree. You may
want to check CMakeLists.txt to really understand what happens.

The path should be ${B}/app/bin/${HOST_ARCH}, it will be substituted
to actual values by bitbake when parsing the recipe, not by shell when
running the task.


On Fri, 23 Sept 2022 at 19:24, Edgar Mobile <heideggm@...> wrote:

Thanks for looking at this.
Can you tell me why the manages to install spirv-cross but not vulkan_samples although the third_party directory lies directly next to app? I'm puzzled what the standard conform solution would be to generate the path to build/app/bin/aarch64 for the install command as I can not find an environment variable that has it.


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I finally got a moment to look at this. The binary with the samples is
being built (you can find it in
$WORKDIR/build/app/bin/x86_64/vulkan_samples), but is not installed.
So if you want to get it packaged for targets you need to adjust the
recipe and add a do_install:append() section that does it (plenty of
examples in poky/meta). Patches welcome.

It's also a bit sad that no one has actually used recipe until now,
otherwise we'd know sooner.


On Fri, 23 Sept 2022 at 15:11, Edgar Mobile <heideggm@...> wrote:

I added vulkan-samples to CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL but it only installs spirv-cross not any of the samples am I missing something? Regards
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