Re: Building vulkan-samples

Edgar Mobile

Thanks for looking at this.
Can you tell me why the manages to install spirv-cross but not vulkan_samples although the third_party directory lies directly next to app? I'm puzzled what the standard conform solution would be to generate the path to build/app/bin/aarch64 for the install command as I can not find an environment variable that has it.


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I finally got a moment to look at this. The binary with the samples is
being built (you can find it in
$WORKDIR/build/app/bin/x86_64/vulkan_samples), but is not installed.
So if you want to get it packaged for targets you need to adjust the
recipe and add a do_install:append() section that does it (plenty of
examples in poky/meta). Patches welcome.

It's also a bit sad that no one has actually used recipe until now,
otherwise we'd know sooner.


On Fri, 23 Sept 2022 at 15:11, Edgar Mobile <heideggm@...> wrote:
> I added vulkan-samples to CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL but it only installs spirv-cross not any of the samples am I missing something? Regards
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