Re: [meta-zephyr][PATCH] zephyr-kernel/2.7: update to zephyr v2.7.3

Jon Mason

On Thu, Sep 15, 2022 at 03:20:42PM +0800, Naveen Saini wrote:
003de78ce0 release: Zephyr 2.7.3
9502d500b6 release: security: Notes for 2.7.3
2a88e08296 release: update v2.7.3 release notes
e1ee34e55c drivers: sensor: sm351lt: Fix global thread triggering bug
2ad1ef651b Bluetooth: host: Fix L2CAP reconfigure response with invalid CID
089675af45 Bluetooth: host: Fix L2CAP reconfigure response with invalid MTU
03ff0d471e net: route: Fix pkt leak if net_send_data() fails
cd96136bcb boards: nucleo_wb55rg: Fix documentation about BLE binary compatibility
567fda57df tests: drivers: can: api: add test for RTR filter matching
b14f356c96 drivers: can: loopback: check frame ID type and RTR bit in filters
874d77bc75 drivers: can: mcux: flexcan: fix handling of RTR frames
ec0befb938 drivers: can: mcan: acknowledge all received frames
273e90a86f scripts: release: list_backports: use older python dict merge method
59dc65a7b4 ci: backports: check if a backport PR has a valid issue
8ff8cafc18 scripts: release:
ba07347b60 scripts: release: use GITHUB_TOKEN and start_date in scripts
e423902617 tests: posix: pthread: test for pthread descriptor leaks
018f836c4d posix: pthread: consider PTHREAD_EXITED state in pthread_create
f4466c4760 tests: cpp: cxx: Add qemu_cortex_a53 as integration platform
9a5cbe3568 tests: cpp: cxx: Test with various types of libc
5b7b15fb2d tests: cpp: cxx: Add dynamic memory availability test for static init
e5a92a1fab tests: cpp: cxx: Add static global constructor invocation test
74f0b6443a lib: libc: newlib: Initialise libc heap during POST_KERNEL phase
6c16b3492b lib: libc: minimal: Initialise libc heap during POST_KERNEL phase
1831431bab lib: posix: semaphore: use consistent timebase in sem_timedwait
765f63c6b9 cmake: remove xtensa workaround in Zephyr toolchain code.
062306fc0b cmake: zephyr toolchain code cleanup
8fcf7f1d78 Revert "cmake: Zephyr sdk backward compatibility with 0.11.1 and 0.11.2"
f06b3d922c Bluetooth: Controller: Fix PHY update for unsupported PHY
b75c012c55 drivers: spi: stm32 spi with dma must enable cs after periph
1efe6de3fe drivers: i2c: Fix infinite recursion in driver unregister function
39270ed4a0 Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix segmentation when sending proxy message
81ffa550ee Bluetooth: Mesh: Check SegN when receiving Transaction Start PDU
8c2965e017 Bluetooth: Mesh: add check for rx buffer overflow in pb adv
7aa38b4ac8 drivers: can: m_can: fix alignmed issues
6dd320f791 release: update v2.7.2 release notes
ecac165d36 logging: shell: fix shell stats null pointer dereference
132d90d1bc tests/bluetooth/tester: Refactor Read UUID callback
58356313ac coredump: adjust mem_region find in gdbstub
99cfd3e4d7 Bluetooth: Controller: Fix per adv scheduling issue
780588bd33 edac: ibecc: Add support for EHL SKU13, SKU14, SKU15

Signed-off-by: Naveen Saini <naveen.kumar.saini@...>
Passes CI

Tested-by: Jon Mason <jon.mason@...>

--- =>} | 4 ++--
1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
rename meta-zephyr-core/recipes-kernel/zephyr-kernel/{ =>} (97%)

diff --git a/meta-zephyr-core/recipes-kernel/zephyr-kernel/ b/meta-zephyr-core/recipes-kernel/zephyr-kernel/
similarity index 97%
rename from meta-zephyr-core/recipes-kernel/zephyr-kernel/
rename to meta-zephyr-core/recipes-kernel/zephyr-kernel/
index cbe761f..1c53748 100644
--- a/meta-zephyr-core/recipes-kernel/zephyr-kernel/
+++ b/meta-zephyr-core/recipes-kernel/zephyr-kernel/
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ SRC_URI += " \
# echo SRCREV_$x = \"$rev\"'

-SRCREV_default = "6dd320f791c4da49190b30f9134f776d85bc5836"
+SRCREV_default = "003de78ce0dd213a1c7b3d159b967fb19a12aa45"
SRCREV_canopennode = "f167efe85c8c7de886f1bc47f9173cfb8a346bb5"
SRCREV_civetweb = "094aeb41bb93e9199d24d665ee43e9e05d6d7b1c"
SRCREV_cmsis = "b0612c97c1401feeb4160add6462c3627fe90fc7"
@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ SRCREV_TraceRecorder = "36c577727642457b0db7274298a4b96558374832"
SRCREV_tfm = "c74be3890c9d975976fde1b1a3b2f5742bec34c0"

ZEPHYR_BRANCH = "v2.7-branch"
-PV = "2.7.2+git${SRCPV}"
+PV = "2.7.3+git${SRCPV}"

SRC_URI:append = " \
file://dtc.patch;patchdir=zephyr \

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