Is there a way to prevent bitbake from trying to demand dependencies it comes up with based on installed files?

Kuba Sanak

Hi all,

First time posting to this mailing list, hope this email kind of email is what it’s for!

Background / what I'm doing: I'm creating an image which uses a docker to do stuff. Loading new docker images takes a long time on my target so I have created a recipe which essentially pre-loads docker store with the said docker image at build time and installs it on the target filesystem, so that it can just spin the container up from it after being flashed. Yocto version Hardknott is being used.

The problem: the resulting docker store I'm installing on the target (at `/var/lib/docker`) contains the filesystem of the container. Some files in that filesystem have dependencies which are satisfied internally when that filesystem exists as a docker container. However, bitbake is trying to be clever and shouts at me for those dependencies not being satisfied overall.

Building the docker-image recipe by itself works fine, but when I include it in the whole image for my target I get errors which essentially amount to

    Problem: conflicting requests
     - nothing provides /usr/bin/python2.6 needed by my-docker-image-baked-in-1.0+git0+14055cb562-r0.cortexa53_crypto
     - nothing provides needed by my-docker-image-baked-in-1.0+git0+14055cb562-r0.cortexa53_crypto

Which are false alarms as those files are indeed extant at my in my docker store and in the docker container being spun up.

I've spent so much time now trying to find out how to prevent bitbake from trying to save me from myself, but simply found no way to coax it into believing me that I really don't need those dependencies. Is there any way to actually convince it those are not needed? Or to prevent package created by my docker-store-constructing recipe from picking up those fake dependancies?


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