Re: Add extra parameters for qemu script

Ke, Liping <>

Hi, Scott

I have updated the patch and tested with poky-tree mode (arm, x86).
Since kvm and serial needs special processing, so for avoiding repeating the code, I will exclude serial and kvm in permitted extra-option, user need to use (serial, kvm) it they want to use it.

For "<-m XXX>" options, I will keep the original logic. If it's arm, the > 128M memory will be forced back to 128M.

It's the high-level user's responsibility to make sure other params are valid.

Any problem, just let me know.

Thanks a lot for your help!


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On 12/12/2010 05:43 PM, Ke, Liping wrote:
I tend to feel that this approach is more flexible, and scales
than having to support each and every qemu option with our own
syntax. Is this acceptable, or should we continue to support our
custom options in addition to Criping's new approach?
My gut feeling is that having some simplified way to trigger
complex option combinations is still desirable but adding a way to
additional custom commandline is equally good. This gives us the
flexibility moving forwards but keeps the script easy to use?
Hi, Scott

So the conclusion is that I should keep the old (serial nographic)
option while
adding the new "<-XXX -XXX -XXX>" option?
OK. I will send out the modified patch to you for review later.
Yes, please respin the patch with those changes.



Scott Garman
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