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I was told this was the right group to ask my question. If this is not right, please let me know.

I am currently using  Zeus, and with Zeus, we get Apache v2.4.41. But I would like to get a later version of apache because there have been a few fixes related to cyber security. So I believe that, given we’re using Zeus, we can’t upgrade to the latest version of Apache given the current recipe that Zeus uses. Therefore I believe that the only way accomplish getting tho the latest version of apache with Zeus would to be ‘patch’  the v2.4.41 version that comes with Zeus.

Looking at the Bitbake manual, in section 4.1, it states the following:

"BitBake takes several steps when fetching source code or files. The fetcher codebase deals with two distinct processes in order: obtaining the files from somewhere (cached or otherwise) and then unpacking those files into a specific location and perhaps in a specific way. Getting and unpacking the files is often optionally followed by patching. Patching, however, is not covered by this module."

The manual does not cover patching. 

Where can I get information on this process of patching something like apache or any other application that was add via IMAGE_INSTALL_append method.

Any help pointing me to where this process might be documented is much appreciated.

Thanks, Jim

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