Re: Create the patch for the linux kernel module #dunfell

Khem Raj

On Sat, Aug 20, 2022 at 11:52 AM <mahendrasondagar08@...> wrote:

Hi... Community

Hope all are doing well

I'm dealing with the yocto dunfell branch with the STM32MP1

I know, how to create the patch for the device tree source (DTS) and add with the custom image

My intend is to modify the busb.c to work with my bluetooth USB dongle
I have create the patch for the same and adding the same way as i does with the DTS file

But, unfortunately, it's causing the issue wile baking the image!

If it’s in-tree kernel module then you create a patch with your changes and apply it via recipe like any other recipe is going to do in metadata 

However you need to share specific details on errors so someone can get a better content to help you 

Can any one redirect me to the tutorial to customize the kernel module via patch under yocto ?


All suggestions and comments welcome


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