Re: binutils not compiling in my system (Ubuntu 18.04) #dunfell

Khem Raj

On 8/3/22 11:47 PM, Sethu Madhav wrote:
I am working on a custom board , which i develop bsp based on a poky(dunfell). Iam unable to build the basic core-image-minimal(with out adding any of our custom layers and beaglebone-yocto as MACHINE) and also our custom image(By Adding custom layers). Iam getting error during the do_compile stage of binutils.
Iam building this project on a Ubuntu 18.04 based machine . And one more thing is the same project is running on another machine with same OS. What iam missing in my machine . Any helps are appreciated  . Iam attaching both the error logs which built by adding our custom layers(iec61850ErrorLog_yocto ) and logs during the built of basic core-image-minimal(PokyErrorLog )
it seems to be emitting errors due to build system configuration, and I guess you are running in a VM, so can you check if you have enough RAM assigned to VM preferably ( 16G or more )

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