Re: [meta-zephyr][PATCH kirkstone 0/7] Series to add Gitlab CI to kirkstone

Jon Mason

Hello Naveen,
They have worked for a few days now, but were broken for the previous 2-3 weeks. You can see all the zephyr machines in meta-arm failed 4 days ago

I identified the patch and the fix went in now, but I wanted to help identify them earlier than my weekly kirkstone regression on meta-arm.

If you think this series is too much bloat to backport, I understand. Though, the nios2 patch is needed for it to be functional and I think you could argue that the testimage fixes are very necessary as well.


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Subject: RE: [yocto] [meta-zephyr][PATCH kirkstone 0/7] Series to add Gitlab CI to kirkstone

My local daily builds also run on master. I triggered a kirkstone build today, it builds successfully for me. Is it failing for specific machine ?

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Subject: [yocto] [meta-zephyr][PATCH kirkstone 0/7] Series to add
Gitlab CI to kirkstone

Kirkstone was broken for meta-zephyr for weeks, but no one noticed
because Gitlab CI is only running on master. Backport the relevant
patches from master so this can be more easily detected, and I'll run
a nightly kirkstone to my personal Gitlab CI setup (which can be
monitored at

NOTE: I was conflicted between squashing the uniquely CI patches into
a single one to hide some of the bug fixesin he originals, versus
pulling them back to match what was in master. I did the latter, but
the former might be more acceptable.

CI run for this series can be seen at



Jon Mason (5):
qemu-nios2: use glibc
CI: add Gitlab CI support
CI: use path to avoid warning
CI: move stm32mp157c-dk2 to be alphabetical
CI: add more targets

Peter Hoyes (2):
zephyrtest: Enable use of TESTIMAGE_AUTO

.gitlab-ci.yml | 90 ++++++++++++++++++++
ci/96b-avenger96.yml | 6 ++
ci/96b-nitrogen.yml | 20 +++++
ci/arduino-nano-33-ble.yml | 21 +++++
ci/base.yml | 38 +++++++++
ci/check-machine-coverage | 26 ++++++
ci/check-warnings | 19 +++++
ci/intel-x86-64.yml | 6 ++
ci/jobs-to-kas | 19 +++++
ci/logging.yml | 13 +++
ci/meta-openembedded.yml | 11 +++
ci/nrf52840dk-nrf52840.yml | 20 +++++
ci/qemu-cortex-m3.yml | 12 +++
ci/qemu-nios2.yml | 10 +++
ci/qemu-x86.yml | 10 +++
ci/stm32mp157c-dk2.yml | 13 +++
ci/testimage.yml | 9 ++
ci/update-repos | 40 +++++++++
meta-zephyr-bsp/conf/machine/qemu-nios2.conf | 2 + meta-zephyr-
core/classes/zephyrtest.bbclass | 2 +-
meta-zephyr-core/conf/distro/zephyr.conf | 2 +-
21 files changed, 387 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-) create mode
100644 .gitlab-ci.yml create mode 100644 ci/96b-avenger96.yml create
mode 100644 ci/96b-nitrogen.yml create mode 100644
ci/arduino-nano-33-ble.yml create mode 100644 ci/base.yml create
mode 100755 ci/check-machine-coverage create mode 100755
ci/check-warnings create mode 100644 ci/intel-x86- 64.yml create
mode 100755 ci/jobs-to-kas create mode 100644 ci/logging.yml create
mode 100644 ci/meta-openembedded.yml create mode 100644
ci/nrf52840dk-nrf52840.yml create mode 100644 ci/qemu- cortex-m3.yml
create mode 100644 ci/qemu-nios2.yml create mode 100644
ci/qemu-x86.yml create mode 100644 ci/stm32mp157c-dk2.yml create
mode 100644 ci/testimage.yml create mode 100755 ci/update-repos


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