Re: Conf for a single recipe only

Alexander Kanavin

There's no way to build two versions of the same component, if the
versions share the recipe name. You have to fix the application, or
try to rename one set of the go recipes so it is separate from the
other set, to something like 'go-old'.


On Tue, 2 Aug 2022 at 15:15, Sebastian Rühl via
<> wrote:

Is there a way to set the GOVERSION for a single recipe only?

At the moment I set the Golang version to 1.18 using the recipes from master (on a local dunfell branch) and set the go version in the layer conf:
GOVERSION = "1.18%"

PREFERRED_VERSION_go-binary-native = "1.18%"

PREFERRED_VERSION_go-cross-canadian = "1.18%"

PREFERRED_VERSION_go-cross = "1.18%"

PREFERRED_VERSION_go-crosssdk = "1.18%"

PREFERRED_VERSION_go-native = "1.18%"

PREFERRED_VERSION_go-runtime = "1.18%"


however this messes with mender as it seems there is a bug in the golang compiler…

So I want to use those settings only for my application recipe.

Any ideas how to achieve that?

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