Re: Using custom python modules in classes and functions

Quentin Schulz

Hi Marek,

On 7/22/22 08:53, Marek S?omiany wrote:
Hello everyone,
I am working on creating a custom class (basically own image signing) that
will be using a client's python module, but to simplify I'll use as an
example a python3 module Magic as it behaves in exactly the same way. I'm
working on dunfell.
So basically in recipe I am using depends to add the module and it works in
example like that:
inherit python3native
DEPENDS += "python3-magic-native"
python3 ${S}/
and in importing magic works fine, but when I'm trying to import
magic in python function, bitbake-style python functions or in anonymous
python functions it fails to find the module.
as an example that do NOT work:
def foo(d):
import magic
mime = magic.Magic(mime=True)
return "foo"
python do_bar () {
Neither it works in do_bar nor in foo as shown above. Always ends up with:
Exception: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'magic'
I have also tried to set variable:
but it does nothing in my case.
Can you help me with this?
Anonymous functions are run during parsing before anything is built. Therefore, I don't think it'll be possible to use a python module from a recipe in an anonymous function.

In order to use native binaries from recipes in another recipe, the binaries need to be in the recipe sysroot-native directory. This is what DEPENDS does behind the scenes, it adds a dependency for one task of your recipe on the population of sysroot-native from all dependencies (DEPENDS). Therefore, your DEPENDS will be enough if it happens in any task running after the do_prepare_recipe_sysroot task of your recipe.

Don't forget that a task is run only if it's in the path of a task requested by the user or another recipe as a dependency. Usually it needs to be in the path of the do_build task. e.g. addtask my_task after do_prepare_recipe_sysroot is not enough if you want my_task to always run during a normal build because nothing has a dependency ON my_task. addtask my_task after do_prepare_recipe_sysroot before do_configure for example, will work, because when do_configure will need to be run, it'll ask my_task to be run too by bitbake.


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