Re: Custom YOCTO meta-layer building on Ubuntu 20 but Not in Ubuntu 18.Why? #dunfell #yocto

Khem Raj

On 7/21/22 7:03 AM, sethu.m@... wrote:
We are making a Custom BSP Package for our Board using the YOCTO. I encountered with a problem during the build of Yocto image in Ubuntu 18.04. But the Same image successfully got built in the Ubuntu 20 Machine.
Iam able to build poky in Ubuntu 18.04 machine by removing custom layers.But adding custom layers the above problem arises.

there seems to be something in the interaction between core layer with your custom layers, Usually issues of this nature are solved in the custom layers. Since its not a community layer, its not easy for someone from community to help you unless there are more details on nature of error or the content of custom layer.

And the errors which are coming is from the meta layer inside poky for the gcc9.3 package.
Is there anything to be taken care for making custom layer independent on Ubuntu versions. As i just started YOCTO(dunfell) few weeks before, I am a noob in YOCTO . Please help on the above issue

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