Re: Providing Read/Write permission to "etc" in Read only Rootfile system #zeus #yocto

Quentin Schulz


On 7/20/22 12:17, poornesh.g@... wrote:
Greetings !
I am working on NXP's i.MX6UL SoC and I have successfully built a Read-only Rootfile system through Yocto.
Now I am having a requirement of making only "/etc" as Read & Writable .
So , Can any one suggest me the procedure for making only "/etc" directory as Read & Writable and by keeping rest (/usr , /lib , /bin , ..) as Read-only  through Yocto .
This seems like a good use for overlayfs-etc IMAGE_FEATURES? c.f.
See on how to configure it.

This seems to have been added in Kirkstone (4.0) release.


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