Switching between multiple DISTROs without "contamination"

Nicolas Jeker

Hi all,

I'm currently using an additional layer and image to differentiate
between a release and development build (enabling NFS, SSH, root login,
etc.). To create a development build, I manually add the layer to
bblayers.conf. This works quite well, but feels a bit clumsy to
integrate into a CI/CD pipeline.

Per these past discussions here [1][2], I'm now trying to migrate to
multiple DISTROs, something like "mydistro" and "mydistro-dev".

While migrating some of the changes, I discovered that I run into
caching(?) issues. I have a recipe for an internal application and want
to include additional systemd service files in the development image.

What I did was this:

Added "application-dbg.service" to recipes-internal/application/files

Adapted application.bb recipe:

SRC_URI:append:mydistro-dev = " file://application-dbg.service"

do_install {
# ...snip...
# systemd service
install -d ${D}${systemd_system_unitdir}
install -m 0644 ${WORKDIR}/application.service

do_install:append:mydistro-dev() {
# debug systemd services
install -d ${D}${systemd_system_unitdir}
install -m 0644 ${WORKDIR}/application-dbg.service

When I run "DISTRO=mydistro-dev bitbake application" followed by
"DISTRO=mydistro bitbake application", the debug service file is still
present in the package. This seems to be caused by the "image"
directory in the recipe WORKDIR not being cleaned between subsequent
do_install runs. Is this expected behaviour? What's the best solution?

Kind regards,


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