Re: [PATCH yocto-autobuilder-helper 2/2] config.json: remove non-gpl3 job

Ross Burton

On 6 Jul 2022, at 15:13, Alexander Kanavin <alex.kanavin@...> wrote:
Where and how the decision was made?
Maybe ‘deprecated’ isn’t quite the right word to use here.

However, meta-gpl2 is unmaintained. It has no active maintainers, and is worked on only when absolutely needed: in the last year there’s been one actual bug fix, the rest of the commits were related to metadata changes to core (license, override syntax, etc).

By definition all of the software in meta-gplv2 is obsolete and almost certainly has security issues, but nobody is maintaining it.

This has been bought up both here repeatedly, and in the Members calls. Nobody has shown willing to adopt the layer, fix any outstanding security issues, and maintain it.

We likely need to discuss this again before formally deprecating it, but this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Is there anyone who actually cares enough about meta-gplv2 to maintain it? This should be taken to oe-arch.


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