Re: cve check report package version mismatch #yocto

Ross Burton

Re-adding yocto@.

This brings me to the handling of the "Unpatched" CVEs in the project. I can get some idea for which version of the package may have the mitigation for the CVE but there is no "mitigated_version" variable which helps me figure out the updated path in an automated way. I'm guessing that such a variable must be present internally in the cve_check class for it to detemine if the existing package version is lower than the mitigated version. Can I change the configuration for this information to also be printed in the cve log? This can probably also be added to the documentation (I don't mind volunteering for that)
It’s not always a trivial “this version”, there’s a fairly complex expression in the CVE (see the CPE entry) which needs to be evaluated. Or there may not be a fixed release, or the CVE needs configuration changes.

Basically, I don’t think it’s feasible to put a “fixed version” entry in the report that isn’t misleading. Whoever is reviewing the CVEs should actually read the CVE details and make a judgement on what to do.

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